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Publisher DescriptionIndia Web Proxy v1.0 Orginal 2010 Proxy tunnel between web sever and client. Java PHP web tunnel network socket client Internet proxy bypass surf anonymous proxy unblock TCP IP Proxy pass filter firewall, unblock YouTube Facebook Twitter Myspace. Click Here to�Download India Web Proxy v5In one of my previous posts, I shared the download link of India web Proxy but the link seems to be broken.

Pgoxy surfing the net as usual, I came across what seems to be the new website of the IWP developers, hence I decided to share with you today.UPDATE:You can now download the Indian Web Proxy version 4.1 from be able to use the indian web proxy you need to create a username and password which will be used to asign your monthly subscription, the intereting thing about the latest IWAP is that you can now get unlimited bandwith for one month for as low as $9.thanks to Johnson Ebedo of for this update.OLD VERSION:You can wrb download the Indian Web Proxy version3.2 from You will have to register at the site for you to be able to use the software.

You will get the software from the website, as well as the server list. The settings have already been explained at hope this short info helps.If you have anything to say, kindly make use of the comment from below.I decided to share this info with you for educational purpose ONLY.Please, do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to this blog, so that you can be receiving future articles, freebies DIRECTLY into your email inbox, EVEN when you are not online.! Jide Ogunsanya Jide Ogunsanya is a digital marketer and top Blogger in Nigeria.�He makes money from online downloav.

You can connect with him on FbTwitterLinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube & Google+. BBM : D1C51CC4 We love to hear from you!Sign in to comment "anonymously" without entering verification text.Want to be notified when I reply your comment? Tick the "Notify Me" box.If your comment is unrelated to this post, please drop it at my Facebook group here.THANKS. adsense tutorials affiliate marketing blog traffic blogger mobile template tips blogger downloa blogging tips business tips digital marketing facebook ads featured featured gadgets Guest Posts making money tips templates trending web design wordpress tips The PHP proxy script you need to upload to your webhost is located in the zip file.

Upload all three files in the PHP (Server module) folder to your domain web root. There are lots of free hosts to use and I'll list just a few of them The only thing constant is Change.In view of that India Web Proxy has gone through series of changes inrecent times all in line with making sure that free browsingcontinues.The changes still procy continue to make us continually indis MTNFirewall and browse for free.So whenever nidia settings you are using with India web proxy fails towork, check on this blog for update or call me on 08056370712.Having said the above, now, back to the business of the day.INDIA WEB PROXY LATEST VERSION 4.2.1 SETTINGS WITH MTN.Download India inddia proxy version 4.2.1 for free at JAVA RUNTIME at that, Here are the NEW MTN SETTINGS.WEB HOST: server1.web-tunnel.comWEB PORT: 443#443Proxy URL: ( You can use anydifferent server URL )Proxy host, Proxy Port, Proxy User and password all should be left BLANKDO NOT check SSL in IWPThen make sure that you SELECT either Internet-4 or Internet-3 eachtry you try to connect.START PROXY.Then feel the unlimited browsing power and ultimate downloading speedof Indiad Web Proxy.If you are yet to get an india web proxy account sign up for free at that you then need to pay for monthly data plan of either 8gb,18gb or ineia data plan.You can pay with your libertyreserve.Moreover, I can help you get any data plan you need at the indka prices.8GB For 1Month=================#1000.8GB For 3Months=================#2,50018GB For 1Month==================#2,20018GB For 3Months==================#3,000UNLIMITED FOR 1MONTH=========#2,500Simply go to any branch of the bank below and pay in the money.BANK NAME: Guaranty Trust Bank of Nigeria.

GTBACCOUNT NAME: Anayo EmmanuelACCOUNT NUMBER: 5225802261590 (OLD NUMBER) OR 0041120852 ( NEW NUBANACCOUNT NUMBER)After paying in the money, Text your name, E-mail address, The dataplan paid for And the teller no.To 08056370712Mind you, you downloae team up with your friends and colleagues to pay forand share a given India Web Proxy DATA Iindia, if you feel very much at indla with India Web Proxy version 1or version 2.

Hook me up on 08056370712 for servers.Prices Negotiable.Thanks.For any question, complaint, suggestion and observation. CALL 08056370712.-GRAB THESE 12 MONEY MAKING EBOOKS FOR JUST #600. FOR MORE INFO VISTwww.50nairaoffer.blogspot.comSEND FREE SMS TO ANY PART OF THE WORLD AT www.freesmsbasement.blogspot.comGet your own cheap laptop and notebook at www.cheapnaijalaptops.infoMeet, Chat And Make Friends With Hot American Singles Jenny Davidsaid.The proxy site is very important for the business people because the proxy give the protection for the website and they can protect the site from unauthorized people which they can want ondia access it.

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